Leelo Rosenberg Biomedical Update 11/19/2004


Today I met with Dr. P for the first time since March 2004. The purpose of our meeting was to reevaluate Leelo’s biomedical needs.


Since March 2004, we had gradually reintroduced all of the foods we had previously eliminated from Leelo’s diet. After the introductions were completed, we had Leelo’s blood, stool, and urine tested for food sensitivities and other forms of dysbiosis.


This is the summary of my discussion with Dr. P.


Mercury/Heavy Metals

Dr. P attended the October DAN! Conference in Los Angeles. He stated that the conference was heavily slanted towards mercury and heavy metals detoxification, and that the research is really starting to show that many autistic children are being affected by overloads of mercury, to which they are susceptible due to a genetic polymorphism. This genetic tendency did not previously present problems, as children did not used to be exposed to such intense environmental mercury loads (in addition to the Thimerasol in vaccines, though this has been phased out in the US since 2002). This polymorphism also explains why not all exposed children become autistic.


I of course wanted more information. Dr. P has assured me that the papers from the conference will be published, and that we should continue to check the Autism Research Institute’s site for further information (I did check it out, and there are indeed many new papers available). As both Seymour and I are chelation skeptics, these papers will have to contain compelling evidence if we’re to expose Leelo to that type of treatment.


In terms of treatments, Dr. P stated that treatments such as oral DMSA are falling out of favor due to dysbiosis, yeast issues, and other sensitivities. He now prefers Transdermal DMPS (a cream). A friend of mine is trying this treatment with her daughter, and we will definitely take her experiences and results into consideration.


In the meantime, Dr. P says that a combination of vitamin B12 shots, TMG, and folinic acid can help restore some critical enzymes that the mercury is suppressing.


Intestinal Issues

It appears that Leelo’s gut is once again host to a number of unwelcome, proliferating creatures. He has imbalances of Baccilus, Gamma strep, and Beta Strep, Group B bacteria, as well as an infestation of NLF E. Coli. The yeast overgrowth that we thought we’d conquered has reestablished itself. An immunology analysis shows that his gut is inflamed.


Dr. P would like to treat these conditions by having us return Leelo to a low-sugar diet, and by a combination of various probiotics and digestive aids (summarized in supplement section below).



Food Sensitivities

Leelo’s IgE and IgG tests showed sensitivities to very few items. The exceptions are almonds, peanuts, and soy—and cucumbers. He had very low antibodies relative to a number of other items, but Dr. P wasn’t particularly concerned about the, with the exception of Casein (milk protein).


We are to take Leelo off of dairy, soy, almonds, and peanuts (in addition to the sugar mentioned above as a yeast facilitator). Brutal, but feasible.



Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Leelo is deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals, even though most are included in his daily multivitamin. Dr. P believes that Leelo’s gut issues are inhibiting his abilities to absorb these items properly. There are a variety of additional and alternative supplements that Dr. P is prescribing for Leelo, see Supplements section below.



B12 Shots

During the latter part of the discussion, I voiced my concern that we’d yet to see any sort of result from vitamin B12 shots. Dr. P suggested that we should try a scientific approach to determining their efficacy before proceeding with any other sort of diet or supplement changes.


What this means is that for five weeks, and before introducing the dietary and supplement changes described herein, we will give him vitamin B12 shots three times per week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday, at 30 degree angle into fat of buttocks. Fun!). At the end of this period, we will report any changes or lack thereof to Dr. P, and decide whether or not to continue the shots.



Next Steps


1)     Try B12 shots for five weeks before introducing any dietary or supplement changes.

2)     Regroup with Dr. P re: B12 shots after five week series is complete

3)     Following B12 series, introduce dietary supplements (chart below), one each 48 hours:

4)     Following supplement introductions, eliminate sugar, dairy, soy, almonds, and peanuts from diet (1 item each 48 hours)

5)     Of current supplement regimen, we are to retain NuThera, Calcium, and Cod Liver Oil. We will eliminate Lactobaccilus, DMG, and OmegaLife dietary enzymes, and replace them with with alternatives that Dr. P is hoping will prove more effective.












1 cap 1x/day w/o food

finish bottle, then stop

Dr. P*



1 cap ea M W F


Dr. P*

Amphotericin B


1 cap each morning on empty stomach


Coastal Compounding

Uva Ursi

Combat E. Coli infestation

5 drops in water 1x/day

Stop after 6-8 weeks

Apple Health Foods

Phenol Assist

Dietary enzymes

As indicated (1/4 to 1 capsule per meal)

Replaces other digestive enyzmes

Kirkman Labs*



1 cap each morning on empty stomach

Replaces Lactobaccilus

Dr. P*

Folical (folinic acid)

Folic acid supplement

1 cap 1x/day with food

Easier to absorb than straight Folic Acid

Dr. P*


DMG alternative

1 cap 2x/day


Kirkman Labs*

B12 shots



30 degree angle into fat of buttocks

Coastal Compounding




Questions for Dr. P