From Outrage to Activism

I have a new post up on BlogHer, titled Autism: From Outrage to Activism. Here's an excerpt:

"...imagine a kid like my Leo, with autism, at school, but without Leo's educational supports and accommodations. What do you think would happen to that child? In the case of Zakh Price, an eleven-year-old from Arkansas, the answer is charges of felony battery."

If case's like Zakh's make you itch to do something, I also list actions you can take -- from major to minor. Do add anything I've missed.

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  1. It is now happening in Missouri too. A SIX-year-old who has Autism, from Nevada, Missouri is being charged for biting a woman who was sitting on him as part of a "restraint". The woman, it is rumored, weighed over 200 lbs. They are supposed to have thier first court date on Thursday.

    Here is a link to a Facebook Group that has been set up to support this young man and his family.



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