The Little Extinct Princess

Mali makes a book almost every day. They're always hilarious (intentionally or no) and a good peek into her brain. Here's the latest:

"The Litele Princes"

"They thougt in Fairy Tales"

"That princesses were extinct! [-> dead princess]"

"But there not!"

"The End!"

The ways in which she makes us fall on the floor laughing (again, usually unintentionally) come so thick and fast that I can never remember them all. The latest was her complaining during this weekend's family + Godfather Michael trip to Fort Ross that she didn't approve of our day's "sequence." 

I think she has a future writing Fantasy/Sci Fi. 


  1. These are great! My Boo is constantly writing, and fills up notebooks with his stories and books faster than I can buy them. (Relatives don't understand when all I can suggest for gift ideas are notebooks and pens.)

    They do come up with cute story ideas, don't they?

  2. i am so sorry. but for laughing on this too much and wow the timing.
    i has had the worsded of days but then i saw this and oh my but yes the haha i needed. thank you.

    i love allz you and can't wait to see you. all.


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