Riders of the Maelstrom

We've been so busy that even my mom has been getting weary of my recountings of our happenings. So I'll front-load the highlight. Leo rode a horse at camp!
And he loved it! He keeps asking, "Did you like riding the horse at camp?"

Yes, I think you did.

Note that he is wearing a helmet. Another dramatic symbol of how far he has come, how much he can tolerate now. Hats! Helmets! Mind-boggling.

I've been wanting to get Leo on a horse ever since I talked with Rupert Isaacson (The Horse Boy) about the kinds of successes he's witnessed with kids like Leo at his family's riding center for kids on the autism spectrum, New Trails. And now I think we just might head trailward.


  1. I love hearing about all of Leo's wonderful successes! Lights up my day. Riding a horse with a helmet is HUGE! Yay!

    Love, Laura

  2. Stupendous! He looks great astride a horse. :-)

  3. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Hooray!! How great is that??!!

  4. That is fabulous. My daughter loves riding a horse at camp too!

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  6. you don't know me from adam, but i've volunteered with therapeutic riding programs for years, and this one is in your area and is AWESOME. www.bokranch.com, and the national org is www.narha.org just in case you weren't aware.

  7. My mom has been suggesting it for a while (by proxy telling me to tell you to take him riding) She and my dad volunteer at a place in their town that does horse riding for special needs kids. I think I never said anything because you already have a busy busy schedule, a trampoline, and a pool, and I figured why poke you up to add one more activity into the mix.

    I'm so glad he enjoyed it!!!! Yay!!!

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