I Am a Soccer Mom - and It's Awesome!

We are a officially a family of three soccer players! Note that Leo is the only soccer player looking at the camera, hmm.

I have to tell you, this is a big day -- and a testament to my soccer-loving friends' and Seymour's gentle persistence, because I loathe all sports. That might surprise anyone who knows my three sports-loving brothers (two of whom played college baseball, the other whom I suspect would much rather be Baseball Commissioner than a globetrotting multilingual policy effector) -- until you consider that I was dragged to all three brothers' games, for endless years' endless seasons. I didn't have much interest in sports to begin with, and after a few years in which my family seemed to never leave Modjeska Park's fields, I had been successfully conditioned to bolt at the sight of a ball.

Given that background, and also due to a need to have Saturdays remain a calm sacred family space, Iz didn't start soccer until two years ago. Mali started last year. And now Leo's on board. Saturdays are now almost totally unmanageable, logistically -- but it's actually quite awesome.

Leo's having a great time with his AYSO VIP team. We know a lot of the families already, and will be excited to get to know the rest. Here's our boy having a blast. I hope it only gets better.

Leo running on the field!

Leo kicking a goal!


  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Wow! You ARE a soccer mom, aren't you? Enjoy every minute...

  2. I'm so glad he's enjoying it. It does take up your entire Saturday, but if it's going well, it's a great way to spend it.

  3. I HEART, HEART, HEART every bit of it! So proud of Leo. :-)

  4. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Leo's bending it like Beckham!

  5. That is awesome! And very inspirational, as we had kinda written off organized sports as a possibility.

    I want you to know that seeing this video of your son playing soccer caused my autistic son to go get his soccer ball and start kicking it around the house :-)

  6. Whoa Amanda! That is great.

    It really is a fantastic setup. I am going to browbeat as many local friends into joining as I can. And I recommend you look up AYSO VIP leagues in your areas, too.

    Thanks for cheering Leo on!


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