Postivity Explosions: Autism Events and Milestones

Sometimes I feel like we're living in the middle of an events tornado. It's exhilarating, but sometimes it's hard to catch our breath. Things the wind's blown our way that you might want to know about:

Photo (c) 2010 Kelly Nicolaisen
Do you want to get your child with autism an iPad? The HollyRod Foundation has started a holiday campaign to give iPads to kids with autism from families in need. You must understand why I think this is a marvelous idea. If you'd like to get your child an iPad, download an application now to see if your family qualifies. I also appreciate Kristina's explanation of why she supports the HollyRod campaign, and why iPads are so important for our kids in general. If HollyRod isn't an option, at least two wonderful parents, Niksmom and Julie Harley have successfully raised funds (themselves, or via their friends) to get their kids iPads using my favorite online fundraising site, ChipIn.com -- another idea for autism parents who are wondering how to get an iPad into the hands of kids who could benefit.

Here are some very cool upcoming autism events, iPad-related and otherwise.
I'm hosting a bloggy pre-holiday potlatch & potluck tomorrow, which is like an in-person Freecycle. We'll be passing on/swapping good but no-longer-needed things to friends and folks who will actually use (or re-gift) them. And socializing and nibbling on tasty treats, of course (I may even share my wonderful, finally ready limoncello). This event should be so helpful for someone like me who is never going to have time to sell things on eBay, and who wants no-longer-needed items to go to people who want and will use them. We'll be taking any leftovers to a local church. I'll let you  know how it goes.

Everything is coming together for The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism book. I keep writing how blown away we are by the content -- both in quality (damn!) and quantity (hence the delays). We're going to be announcing the contributors on Tuesday November 30th, so stay tuned.

I interviewed three wonderful parents of wonderful kids with cerebral palsy for BlogHer: Jennifer Byde Myers, Ellen Seidman, and Bridget Henry. As I wrote,
"I'm used to Leo's quirks, I'm comfortable with them, they're just one part of the boy I love so much. But there's as much of an onus on me as there is on anyone else to get more familiar with other children with special needs and their stories."
These families' stories are so different and so important; I hope you learn as much and love those boys as much as I now do.

On the family front:
  • Leo took cold pizza for his school lunch yesterday, which was his first non-PB&J lunch in five years. 
  • He also got his little sister a snack -- complete with plate -- yesterday upon her request instead of trying to thump her. I was not involved at all -- no prompting, no encouraging, just a bystander with mouth agape. I'm going to get to use that incident for weeks, to remind Mali that her brother can be awesome. Though I hope socially savvy Miss Mali doesn't start taking advantage of her sometimes-too-obedient brother.
  • It took Mali four months but: this week she finally had five days of good behavior in a row in both her Spanish and English classes! I'd been having to get in-person updates from her teachers ever day after school, since August. Her reward: PLANTS VS ZOMBIIIES
  • Mali's teacher conference went splendidly. Her primary teacher said that after a rocky rocky start, our girl's classroom performance is now all the things a parent wants to hear but which tend to bore or irritate readers.
  • Iz's Science teacher said similar things about Iz. That class is legendarily difficult, with proportionately problematic parent-teacher conferences. The teacher requested a conference with me because she wanted a happy conference, and to pat our girl on the head for being a synthesizer rather than a regurgitator.
  • Iz is joining a club soccer team. Lord help us. She and Seymour are beyond thrilled. And it's a team that focuses on skills-building, not just planning scorched-earth defeats. I guess this was inevitable, once we had the minivan.
Have a loverly weekend, all!


  1. I know I've read or responded to most of these things on Twitter, but I have to say...
    Isn't it nice to be reminded that the *ahem* "fecal maelstrom" doesn't last forever? Sometimes, we really DO get rainbows and unicorns! ;-)

  2. I'm so proud of them all!!!

    Also, I have an album for Iz which I think she'll like.

    Mali is really going to enjoy Plants vs. Zombies. Moomin and I are experts at it if she has any questions!

  3. Must be something in the air! My son has just started eating pizza again after i dont know how many years!


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