"Want to go to Disneyland?"

Leo keeps asking to go to "Disneyland," so we spend the morning looking at pics from our trip -- to Leo's utter delight. We need to figure out a way to get this boy back to Mouse Land -- he's been asking for "Disneyland?" with increasing urgency.

My brother (the cheeky dude in the glasses) took the above shot-of-the-shot of us on the California Screamin' roller coaster. At the time Leo wasn't so pleased, but when he saw this pic this morning he pointed at it with extended index finger and said, "Again?" (Yay fine motor skills!)

Also Leo woke me up this morning via the repeated top-volume "ka-thunk ka-thunk ka-thunk ka-thunk" of a cheap plastic soccer ball being kicked and successfully, repeatedly returned to a wall at short range (though I'll admit to wishing he had chosen a location other than my echo-chamber bathroom). Our boy has some serious gross motor coordination and reflexes, we need to provide him with more outlets -- but in the meantime, any one who wants to hang out with Leo should now feel free (or even obligated) to kick a ball around for five, ten minutes. (Yay!)

In the meantime we have been watching this Star Tours video a lot -- that was Leo's favorite ride. Anyone have any other favorite YouTube Disney videos?

---- We have been so many clicks beyond busy that I don't even know what to write about that. But Leo is certainly in a good space, and that makes everyone happy here.


  1. My son loves Disneyland too and he loves the old Disney Sing Along DVDs (you can find sections on YouTube too). It's a great way to get him familiar with some other rides and characters between trips to Dland.

  2. I hope you get to go back soon! And yay for the fine and gross motor skills!!

  3. DonnaB1:25 PM

    Just got back from Disney to celebrate my son's 5th birthday and reaching 42" (both long awaited events!). Literally counting the days til we go again, but in the meantime are looking at the interactive maps on the DisneyWorld website and their official iPhone app - working wonders.


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