Soul-Endangering Nutella Cupcakelets

Mali's week of 8th birthday festivities came to a close today, with two parties: one in her class, the other her "real" birthday party at a jumpy house palace. For the latter, she chose a Costco cake (score! from a labor perspective); for the former, she requested Nutella cupcakes. Um. OK. Commence Internet research.

The mini-cupcakes I ended up making (and which had folks on their knees) drew on three components:
  1. An appreciation for the nom nom ease of yellow cake mix. 
  2. A realization that full-size Nutella cupcakes would be sugar WMDs. They'd take the tops off Mali's classmates' heads.
  3. A preference for speedy buttercream frosting as opposed to finickier double-boiler options
You want to make them too? Well then:

Get some yellow cake mix. (Oh, come on. Yellow cake mix rocks.) Mix it up. Make mini-cupcakes with it. I recommend a barely-oiled silicone mold or cupcakelet papers.

When your bitty cupcakes are cooked and cooled, cut a divot from each top:

Fill each divot with Nutella
(Quarter is for size context,
divot cribbed from Baked-In.com)

Top with Kitchen Treaty's shockingly straightforward Fluffy Nutella Buttercream frosting.

Hold cupcakes in front of you while proferring, or put on a table and stand back. You don't want to get trampled. These bites are amazing.

Irony: Mali didn't like them. But she likes nothing except quesadillas, fresh blueberries, and Nutella from the source, so.

Please share and enjoy and consider yourself warned.


  1. Think I'll make these for Lydia's 8th birthday too. (I always copy your b-day ideas; Ella had the rainbow cupcakes the year Zelly did....). Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

  2. One of the reasons we have friends is to use their brains as peripheral hard drives. I love it when you do the thinking for me, too. Hope Miss Lydia's day is the best. xo

  3. Made these for my daughter's birthday Friday and was happy to be home alone to eat all the extra frosting. YUM!! Thanks for sharing.


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