Next Time You're Shopping in Accra...

I really must write more about our trip to Ghana. You know, the one we took in June. One thing I will say: The next time you find yourself in Accra and in need of beautiful clothing and handicrafts, go to the Accra Arts Center and look for these two fine gentlemen:

Asamoah Jones sells excellent clothing, with a wide range of options for men, women, and children.  His shop number is #83, near the center of the main building.

Ras Emma has his own large stall behind the main building, and sells wooden and other handicrafts. It was through him that we acquired a beautiful djembe (drum) and kalimba (thumb piano). His shop is #159.

My daughter is already asking when we can go back. Soon, I hope. Though the fact that we were able to go at all makes the experience seem like a dream.

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