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Obviously, we are iPad fans. And I enjoy talking about how helpful iPads have been for Leo, and how they can help Autistic people of different ages & abilities.

However. Just as many standard iPad features (e.g., large touch screens) are surprisingly useful for kids with disabilities -- and that's not even getting into Apple's extensive built in accessibility options -- others features could still use a bit of tweaking.

So here's one option I'd like to see: turning off deleting videos in iTunes. The compulsiveness that accompanies Leo’s autism means he cannot stop himself from systematically deleting every last one of his favorite iTunes videos. He does this because deleting items on the iPad is fun! But then, crap, all the videos are gone. This is ... bad.

We can restore all purchased videos, of course, but it takes time, and sometimes it would make a world of difference to him if his favorite videos were always there when he needs comfort and familiarity and control (iTunes allow him to skip straight to and loop his favorite scenes) to get through a difficult patch. I do not think he would be upset about not being able to delete videos, he adjusted quite quickly to not being able to delete apps once that function was enabled. But if the option to delete is there, oh yes, he's going to take it.

So I do wish Apple would create an option to turn off deleting iTunes items, just as we can turn off deleting apps, because I doubt Leo is the only helplessly self-thwarting video-loving autistic iPad user in town.

Which iPad features do you wish were tweaked or changed for an even better user experience?


  1. The ability to use a keyboard or other USB devices would make iPads much more accessible for many people!

  2. I wish there was a way to restrict the volume control!! Full blast is not always appropriate!!

  3. I know it is not a programming thing, but I would like to see a coverage plan for damaged screens. My guy love to treat his like a frisbee

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Ditto the deletion of SONGS! *sigh*

  5. I wish there was a master volume control that the boys could not disable.

  6. Christine there is an App for volume! Not tried it but I saw it in iParents! Also Bluetooth headphones help. There is only so many times I can listen to Elmo before wanting to take out a hit.

  7. Kira, logitech makes an excellent keyboard that also serves as a cover.


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