Teh Busy: Quick Update, Long List

I swear to you that I am still here. It's just, teh busy, these last two months. So much so that I didn't even put up perfunctory posts in reaction to luminous BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone mentioning me and this blog on CBS This Morning a few weeks ago. BAD BLOGGER. Maybe I'll talk about that when I give my BlogHer 10x10 talk in July!

Below is all the stuff I've been doing -- writing, interviews, talks, etc. What's not recorded in there is that Iz, now a sophomore in high school, is playing lacrosse and soccer, perseverating just a bit on makeup and bands, and is a better student than I ever was. Leo, seventh grader, is in the middle of a trial period for a dedicated AAC device, we're optimistic, plus he just had his annual IEP which was resoundingly positive -- last year was hard (seizure and other medical issues), this year is good. I don't know if it's puberty or just maturity that's got him in the current One Chill Dude phase, and I'm not taking it for granted, but I'm enjoying that he's so happy overall right now. Mali is still a fort-builder and a mythology lover, as befits a fourth grader. She is still the most fun ever, as anyone who hangs out with her can attest (still a button-pusher as well, though, watch out). We've started watching Adventure Time, which is surreal but quite awesome, and Leo likes it too.

I'll try to write a real entry soon! HONEST.  But here's the list, I'll slap up some photos below it.

April 2014

March 2014
I visited York Minster as well when I was in the UK.
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell had just finished filming onsite!
I interviewed Roy Richard Grinker at the NAS Conference
Transcription is a perennial bugger hurdle, but will publish soon.
Such a thoughtful, articulate, and charming individual.
(Need to transcribe an interview with Ron & Cornelia Suskind too.
And write that Legoland post. Aaaaigh.)
We're headed back to San Diego in two days.
We were just there in February.
We love San Diego.
(And visiting my mom of course.)
My fellow TPGA editrixes really are the best people in the world.
This is from our UCSF talk last month,
and next month we'll be descending on IMFAR!
Love my happy geek crew. xoxox

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