Trampoline Exuberance and Bickering Death Match Time

Summer starts today! For Leo, anyhow. His sisters have been out of school for two weeks, doing their best to keep the tradition of Bickering Death Matches alive and well and my heart rate proportionately elevated. They are free to a good play date (Mali) or babysitting job (Iz), please note.

Leo got a jump start on summer at his twin friends' birthday party two days ago. At a trampoline emporium, during trampoline emporium slow time. The results can only be summarized as OMFG YAY:

I think it's time for Leo to make his own transition from Pump it Up to Trampoline Emporium birthdays. Another milestone. For our increasingly grown-up dude.

And now, off to those lazy days of swimming, hiking, and -- if the girls keep it up -- gimlets or possibly even Xanax (for me, not them, ahem). Any bickering defusing advice would be so very, very welcome. They are nine and fifteen. Help.


  1. Eagerly awaiting the bickering defusion advice for my 9- and 14-year-olds. (So far, our summer bickering has been kept to a minimum....because the 14-yr-old was shipped off to Montana the first week of vacation and sleepaway camp the second week....the bickering commences NOW!)

  2. Distraction & redirection, but they have to be used with skill or your kids will accuse you of doing exactly what you're doing. And they don't always work. Separating them is my favorite strategy, but impossible in the car. No good answers, though, I must say. Let me know if you figure out anything that works for your crew.


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