Sir Patrick Stewart on KQED Forum

If you have not heard KQED Forum's interview with Patrick Stewart, you're missing out. Lots of bon mots, wisdom shared, and life long learning conveyed -- as was the role understanding can play in forgiveness. Very touching and funny as hell.

Also: Sir Patrick and KQED's Joshua Johnson goofed around a bit in the Forum green room, and it was caught on film. (If you look closely you can see what I wrote about Leo on the green room wall during the last time I was on Forum -- it's just to the left of the good Captain's head.)

For those who might not know, my spouse works at the station in question. He told me about Sir Patrick's appearance the night before, because he has learned that if he doesn't tell me about the appearances of people I adore, he gets punched in the arm later. So, just to give you a sense of my own state of mind lately -- the most blotto ever, and that is saying something -- I neither hid in my husband's car trunk so I could sneak into the station and demonstrate obeisance, nor did I even remember about the appearance until Seymour posted the video above on my timeline a few days later.

In deference to said blotto mindset, I have had to cut back on some responsibilities and have shuffled some things around. All I will say is Family First. Not something First Season Picard might get, but Inner Light Picard certainly would.

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