Haircuts Both Miraculous and Useful

This is for posterity. Two haircut milestones.

First: Witness what Leo's level of comfort and familiarity with our local hair salon and local stylists means: He, his sister Mali, and I all got our hair cut together. At the same time. When Leo was done his stylist handed him his iPad, and suggested he go sit in a chair and wait for me. Which ... Leo did. Patiently. Like the mature teen dude he is.
[image: hair salon panorama: white tween girl with brown hair getting her hair cut
by an Asian woman with long wavy dark brown hair; Asian woman with
shoulder-length black hair cutting the hair of a white woman with red hair
who is holding a turquoise smart phone in front of her face, and white teen boy with
short dark brown hair getting his hair cut by an Asian man with short black hair.]
And here are the before-and-afters for Mali. I think her new 'do is fetching, but her reasoning for this shortest-ever cut is both practical, and tactical -- she wanted a style that would not catch in her Bo staff during karate practice. A girl's gotta have her priorities.
[image: white tween girl
wearing glasses and a blue
t-shirt that reads "RAWR!!"
in pink letters, with chin-length
dark brown curly hair.]
[image: (same) white tween girl
wearing glasses and a blue
t-shirt that reads "RAWR!!
in pink & yellow letters,
with ear-length
dark brown curly hair.]

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