This Girl Is a High School Senior

[image: white teen with long dark blonde hair
wearing a black dress and black backpack.
Photo used with express permission]
This girl is a high school senior. As of yesterday.

This girl is going to take her driver's license test tomorrow.

When I first started writing at this site, this girl was in preschool, and her teachers' biggest concern was that she liked to write sentences in maze format instead of linear format.

Currently, this girl is planning to ask her teachers for  recommendation letters for her college applications.

You'll be glad to know that some things have not changed. Here is what this girl had to say about our country's highest ranking GOP member in 2004:
[image: Child's writing, green ink on a white background
reading, "George Bush is, a big fat liar."]
She is more articulate and detailed about her political beliefs eleven years later, but that statement is still pretty much where she is today.

Regardless, this mom is in shock.

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  1. Congrats! My youngest just moved out of the house into a place with two other friends, a few months after graduating from college. She is working retail, saving up to go to graduate school in another state.

    It is strange, and I miss her.

    Though she did come to pick a couple of packages that were delivered to our house, and do some grocery shopping from our fridge.

    (my oldest is still at home, but then again... he has autism, so we are working on making sure that when we leave this mortal realm he will not end up living on the streets, le sigh)


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