High School Graduation Looms

Iz, at 20 months, and her cousin Danielle, age two
[image: two laughing white toddler girls]
I am in denial about Iz and her cousin Danielle graduating from high school next week. And both going to colleges that, while still in this time zone, are also not very close by.

Our girl has chosen to spend her last official summer at home working a lot, and also going to a few concerts. Pretty sure that's what I did, the summer before I went to UCLA. I may have also gone to the beach a lot, which was an option in the sunny SoCal of my youth, but not so much here near San Francisco, where everything coastal is foggy, rocky, shark-ridden, rip tide-beset, or some combination of the four. I suspect she will go hiking instead.

Am writing about beaches as a form of postponing thinking about graduation. I don't understand how the arrival of this milestone happened so quickly. It's addling. It's upsetting. It's too much. Any advice on handling this transition (for me, not her) would be welcomed.

We also have to think what to do about Iz's room: Turn it back into my office, or go the AirBNB route?

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  1. We turned Em's room into an office with a daybed; consulted with her on all changes in look and colors; so when she comes home (which she does a fair amount, including this summer) she has a room to stay in and doesn't feel like we basically kicked her out.

    Also, the emotions? Are just what they are. Tough. Things are changing, and the hard part is that they won't change back, not all the way. I miss the way it was, a lot. But also? We have a new relationship, and it's just as good, simply different. It's just so hard to wrap your head around the idea that most of the hands-on parenting job, and the really knowing what's going on in their lives and who their friends are and what they're doing...that's pretty much done. Did I mention tough/hard? Also wonderful.


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