The Boy Who Can No Longer Have Green Straws

[image: photo of Leo reaching for a green
straw at Starbucks, even though he knows
he shouldn't have one -- and why.]
What you see to your left is a very, very sad young man.

After years of finding solace and calm in his beloved green straws, it turns out that chewing on those straws exacerbates a chronic headache issue. They don't cause the headaches, but they do make them worse. Which means that Leo shouldn't have green straws any more.

As with most matters, he is being a good sport about the green straw restriction. He still likes to go to Starbucks, but, upon arrival, has to content himself with a multigrain bagel instead.

Our thanks to all the lovely people who have mailed and personally delivered green straws to Leo over the years, and especially to the Agents of L.U.S.T. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and cunning remain greatly appreciated.


  1. While I'm glad that his headaches should improve, I'm sorry for the straw news -- always hard to give things up.

  2. Oh, poor Leo. The payoff of fewer/milder headaches, compared to the daily solace of the beloved green straws, is going to be hard to perceive.

    1. He gets why, but you're right about the short term/long term payoff struggle.

  3. Oh my! What about chewies? Ava still needs them sometimes and is ALWAYS happy when I clamp them on her top during a drive or when she is at home. They sell a bunch of them on Amazon... We adore Leo :)

    1. We did try chewies, they seem to make matters worse as well. Have you seen www.Stimtastic.co? They are autistic-owned and run, and have a really great and frequently updated selection of chewables. That's where we shop. :) Much xo to you & Ava.


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