Our lucky young man was recently gifted a Skoog, a Bluetooth musical device that syncs with an iPad to play music through its squishy tactile interface. Leo LOVES it, as you can see, and enjoys playing it with hands, elbow, and even his chin.

[video description: Leo, a white teenage autistic boy, sitting at a kitchen counter, playing music with a Skoog: a semi-squishy cube that connects to an iPad and plays a different musical notes when each of its different sides are squeezed.]

While the setting in the video is for eerie reverb music, the available musical styles are many -- and the Skoog app can even play music from the iPad's iTunes library so the user can bop along on the Skoog to favorite tunes. The Skoog itself is so enchantingly tactile that Leo carries it around with him whether he's playing music or not -- it's just fun to handle.

I know a lot of students (and adults) who would probably enjoy using the Skoog to play music. The only problem is the cost, which is not cheap and which I'm glad I didn't know before. So I am doubly grateful to the folks who sent Leo his new favorite past time.

Do you, or do any students, classrooms, therapists, or other people you know, have a Skoog? I'd be interested to know what other folks are doing with them.

By the way, if you're interested in finding out more about Skoogs, and maybe trying one, and you live near an Apple store, you can sign up for a Skoog-centric Multisensory Field Trip

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  1. 1. I haven't seen Leo for a couple of months I think. JEEZLE that adolescent male face remodelling is something!

    2. He looks SO happy. Thanks all Skoog folk


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