When your big sister goes to outdoor education for a week and you don't get to go even though you really want to and have been arguing your case strenuously for over twenty-four hours, this is the face you make:

Someone Doesn't Get to Go to Camp

Your sister, however, will be making this face while her Godfather makes his "rugged" face:


It is similar to her "I won the school spelling bee" face:


Which is similar to her "Everyone in the restaurant is singing me Happy Birthday!" face:


This is what both of you look like when your mom decides that she's sick of throwing birthday parties and begs free passes to Disneyland off her sister-in-law instead:


This is what your face looks like the next day when the mercury edges towards 90 in January and your mom springs for ice cream:


And, for the grand finale, here are the pleading faces of your Littlest Pet Shop friends after your mother decided that their cutesy needed some diluting via Rebel and Empire Force companions:


So many faces!


  1. every face is worth about 2000+ words!

  2. Anonymous2:09 AM

    No wonder you haven't been blogging - you've been busy! Miss Mali is too cute, even (especially) when she's pouting.

  3. Too cute! Love the pics.

    I saw a little girl at the Children's Museum the other day who looked JUST like Mali. It was so weird. Don't suppose your lil one sneaks off to NC every now and then, does she?

  4. Cute photos! Iz will love Outdoor Ed... my daughter went last year (in December... I was a bit dubious about getting a winter slot, but they had a great time). -Anita R, now with a google account so I don't have to post anonymously anymore!

  5. Oooooh, I know that Mali face! I saw that one when I was visiting.

    I forgot to say congrats when Iz won the spelling bee. CONGRATS, IZ!

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I think that looks more like my constipated face rather than my rugged face.


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