Iz Turning Ten

We're the parents of a ten-year-old?

Zelly Three Days Before Turning Ten
Rare non-mugging moment. Mirrors, beware! Our almost-tween will spend hours trying out different personalities and expressions on you.

Reading the Mayo Clinic Family Health Guide
Reading the Mayo Clinic Family Health Guide. For hours and hours. Then asking me detailed questions about what kinds of blood vessels are used as replacements for heart bypass surgery, where in the body do they come from, what happens to the circulation in that part of the body when they're gone ... exhausting.

Unruly Trio
She can be a twit, but she does her best to be a very good big sister.

My Iz-party energy has dwindled significantly with each passing year. This year it's sputtered out completely. We're off in a few hours to visit The Mouse instead.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Happy Birthday Iz.

    She is such a beautiful girl with amazingly kind and wise eyes.

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Well! Happy Birthday Iz!
    Ten is a huge year! I hope she has a wonderful one.

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Happy birthday Iz! You have combined your parents' best qualities with your own unique gifts. The world is better for having you in it. xo Donna

  4. Happy birthday, Iz! She's such a pretty girl!

  5. It's a beautiful age. Have a lovely celebration.

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

    happy birthday, Iz!

  7. Happy 10th birthday to a lovely, lovely girl. Inside and out!

    Love, Laura

  8. Anonymous7:30 PM

    You know I'm thinking this is super, don't you?

    10! My favorite thing to say on my 10th birthday was "Oh... that was... um... TEN YEARS AGO."

    It had a lovely ring to it.

    But not as lovely as my goddaughter.

    Happy Birthday.

  9. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Craziness! If you and I had a falling out (god forbid) I would still watch this space to see her become a genius astrophysicist who fights crime on the weekends.

    Speaking of weekends, enjoy yours. :D

  10. happy b day double digets is a big deal

  11. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Iz is a decade. I can soak that in. It's her brillant brain that continues to AMAZE me.
    I'm hoping she will make the world a better place with that Noggin.
    World Peace shouldn't be too much to ask?!

    Jersey Girl
    It's snowing here. Beautiful.
    H turns SIX tomorrow -- on such a wonderful historic day!! She will be doning a shirt that reads 1/20/09 OH HAPPY DAY!

  12. I have an almost 10 year old who reminds me of Iz. Very bright...very cute....gonna change the World...and has a brother on the spectrum! Especially love the first photo of her in the egg...

  13. Happy Birthday, Iz!

    Ten is amazing. I felt like I deserved a medal for getting both of mine to ten.


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