We Hike

We like to hike. We like to climb. We like our kids to hike and climb.

Since we live in the Bay Area, we can hike and climb in a different park every day, should we want to. Which is a good thing, since the kids' Memorial Day Weekend is four days long, and hiking and climbing is one reliable activity our family can do together.

Scenes from the first two days of the weekend:

Briones Regional Park

Briones Hiking Crew, Lafayette Ridge: Front View

Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock State Park


  1. wow, this looked like a GREAT TIME!


  2. Alas, I did not know about Castle Rock! Looks very cool, definitely someplace I need to take my kids. We just went to Handley Rock today at the top of Emerald Hills - kids are such natural scramblers and climbers! Thanks to your post, now I have our next move.


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