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We have become a bit more about the proclamations and features and a bit less about the journaling in this space, so it seems. But I don't want to forget:

Leo's triennial IEP was a big success. All of his services were retained for the summer and the upcoming school year: speech, occupational therapy, 1:1 aide, behavioral program supervision at home and at school (and for two weeks during the month between summer and regular school), bus. Every one of the ten educators and therapists around that table was on my son's side. It was a delightful feeling.

Mali stopped wearing pullups at night. She probably could have stopped months ago, but I just could not bear the thought of washing more than one set of sheets each day. Still not used to the feeling of a soft little bottom instead of a tough diaper under her jammies, when I pick her up in the morning.

Seymour's work got nominated for a (Northern California) Emmy. We went to the awards ceremony this past weekend. He didn't win because the judges were high but the event itself was sure a lot of fun! Who wouldn't want to party all night long with a bunch of news and weather anchors? And Jennyalice came over to relieve the babysitter at 9:30 so she could drink all of our absinthe and we didn't have to pay for five thousand hours of babysitting.

Mali didn't get in to our local Spanish Immersion school for kindergarten. And I'm okay with that. It's halfway across town, in a totally different direction than Iz's or Leo's schools, and our local school is good plus I already pass it six times a day. Also I am not-so-secretly hankering after a stereotypical first day of kindergarten -- one where we get to meet some neighbors. My kids have never gone to a neighborhood school, Leo's kinder class was a disappointment from the day one, and Iz finished kindergarten a year early.

Leo had a decent blood draw last week. I used a visual schedule with a "snack" icon following the "doctor" one, which helped him be upset only during the procedure rather than before and after as well. (It still took three of us to help him comply.) Also the ever-patient Jenijen walked down from her office on the floor above the medical office, and sat on my girls during the procedure -- otherwise Mali might have spent Leo's blood draw time trying to convince every patient in the lobby that they needed to wear disposable water cups as hats.

The weekend before that, Leo had a fantastic two days at camp. He almost jumped out of his pants with excitement when he realized where he was going! His aide said that our boy was *definitely* ready for week-long summer camp! It's so great to see that kid be so damn happy in that safe, dedicated, but non-therapeutic and purely recreational setting.

Seymour's parents arrived just in time to join us in taking Leo to camp, then stayed through Mothers Day. This was the first time they'd been able to visit us in over a year. They both looked great, and Seymour's mom looked extra-healthy and gorgeous with her new super-short haircut. She wasn't convinced the look was right for her until Iz declared that she looked like Jamie Lee Curtis. Now my MIL thinks she's going to keep her hair as is (as she should).

I realized that logistics and the BlogHer conference were not compatible this year. Serious sadness. But I sold my ticket to a woman who was quite pleased at the reprieve (for those of you who don't know, the conference sold out in about five minutes). There's always next year.

...and I took all three kids back to Costco yesterday. There's no way in HELL I was going to let one bad experience keep us down, plus I had so much good advice under my belt! We made it through just fine.


  1. Cool. I've gotten the snippets on Twitter, I know, but reading it all together...I dunno...just made me smile. :-)

  2. So much good and upbeat-ness in this post! Fabulous about the blood draw, Costco revisit, assessment of MIL's 'do.

    (just don't know what those judges were thinking though.....)

  3. Way to go on getting back on that Costco horse!


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