Weekend Highlight: Leo at Maker Faire

I will hopefully have time to expand this post later, but I just wanted to let you all see how much fun Leo had at Maker Faire yesterday:

Mali liked everything, as long as she was big enough to participate (when she wasn't, there was ANGER). Here's her being happy:

Giant Lite Brite! by Instructables

For Iz, the highlight was playing the theremin. She's wanted to see a theremin for a long time, and getting to actually play one was a serious thrill. Just check out her ear-to-ear smile:

The theremin tune she requested to perform was Saint-Saens' The Swan, which she had played at her piano concert the previous day. (The theremin player was impressed by her choice, and we could hear him fine-tuning his own performance for quite a while as we wandered through more Maker Faire exhibits). Another one of her piano offerings was the 12th Street Rag:

And, in needing to fulfill some kind of typical sassy child stereotype, Mali took Iz's scissors and cut herself some bangs. She now looks like Dee Snider. I am in mourning.

Scissors, and What They Cut


  1. Ginjoint2:18 PM

    Look at both of them go! I do hope the theremin player let go of Iz's hands at some point and let her experiment. FYI, there's a two-hour special on the Ovation channel tonight called "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey." Iz might like that, if you get that channel.

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    WOW!! Iz is awesome on the piano.
    Please tell her it was a joy to listen.

    jersey girl


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