When Summer Sucketh

That is what I wanted to title my latest BlogHer post, but I settled on When Summer Is Extra-Special instead:


Here's the first paragraph. Please do click on through, and let me know what you think (and how you feel about your own upcoming summer).
Summer. Now there's a word that terrifies parents of school-aged special needs kids. We do not associate the word with "break." For us, summer means carefully orchestrated school, services, and respite schedules are going to implode, and we will need to scramble and scrape to arrange new ones...


  1. Way to remind me of summer- I'd been avoiding thinking about it.

    Jaymes did get ESY this year, but it's in a different school, different teacher, and none of his current classmates will be there. Also different bus, and different time of pickup/dropoff. I'm thinking all that "different" is going to be too much for him. We'll see. I can't say I'm worried about him losing skills, he hasn't gained any from school, nor met a single IEP goal. He gets more out of his outside therapies, which will continue through the summer.

    He's still too young for all the camps out my way, so home he stays in the rather large amount of time before and after the ESY session.

    On one hand, I really like having him around and playing with the hose and the kiddy pool (crap, need to buy a kiddy pool!) during the summer, but it's exhausting just dealing with him when he gets home from school in the afternoons.

    We'll wish you luck, and hope for the best for everyone! Funny thing, I remember as a kid, my school district was exploring getting rid of summer vacation entirely for more instructional time, and I was horrified. Now, as a mom, I'm thinking.. Hmmm, how great would that be?

  2. I liketh the previousth title much bettereth----says it all.

    August is the cruelest month.......

  3. I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers that Ben will survive the regular summer program offered by the Montessori school where he's been going in the afternoons.

    We've got a private aide ($$) on board for the first two weeks and then hope to fade out support and see if he can run with the wolves.

    I wouldn't do it except the class will be really small, the teacher (albeit one we haven't had before) seems very with-it, and in general, Ben has been doing great in the "regular ed" half of his school day.

    Of course, it is summer. Scary, scary summer...

  4. I learn something everytime I visit your blog, and continued to read the entire BlogHer entry. I'm energized by your determination to continue the outings and daytrips. Ah, and I also love the word Sucketh. There is something so catchy about it!


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