Busting Someone's Windows Is Not a Logical Act

Glee was this morning's school carpool soundtrack, as per usual. Leo beamed all the way through his favorite song, Can't Fight This Feeling, which I tolerate since he loves it so much even though the original REO Speedwagon version wins my personal video award for Milquetoast 80s Guys With Long Bad Hair. Afterwards the violin intro to Bust Your Windows came on, and Iz started trying to analyze.

"Mommy, wouldn't she get in trouble for busting out his car windows? I mean, that's against the law, right?"

"Yes, but it's on private property, so she wouldn't be in trouble unless he called the police, and he'd probably be too embarrased."

"But she left her INITIALS in his WINDSHIELD with a CROWBAR!" He'd have proof that she did it!"

"Iz, you are trying to apply logic to a fictional justification of an irrational act. It's not going to work. You're going to have to let this one go."



  1. This is a "Gleek" comment, not really related to the content of your post, but I'm always a little confused when all the characters on the show seem to agree that Rachel is the best singer because I think Mercedes is AMAZING!!! Her singing gives me chills more often than Rachel's does. Rock it, sister!

  2. I am WITH you & so is Iz, so is Mali -- Iz and I can't fathom why, during the Sectionals episode, after Mercedes laid the entire room low with "And I Am Telling You," the writers then forced Mercedes to concede primacy to Rachel. They're both amazing! WTF!


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