She's Not Our Cat

She's not our cat.

We feed her.

We brush her.

We pluck off her engorged ticks.

We are wary of her ... can't you tell she's FERAL?

But she's not our cat.

She's not our cat!!


  1. She sure looks like she feels right at home!

  2. Um. Yeah. That's your cat.

  3. Oh my goodness, she's adorable. I think she really is your cat whether you know it or not. ;-)

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Oh yes she is...

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  6. Of course she's not "your" cat - you however, are her people!

  7. Heh. Lisa stole the words right outta my brain. You certainly are HER people. And, oh my, she's gorgeous.

  8. She might not be your cat, but she's got you well trained.

  9. You just keep tellin' yourself that ;) We don't have a new puppy either. We haven't had a new puppy since 11/5 when my little fellow came home with 34oz of pure adorable curled up in his coat. No sireeee, that is not our dog. He chews computer cords and yesterday, the cord to my alarm. Well, he chews everything in sight. We feed him too. We named him Midnight, but again, we don't have a puppy even though I'm still taking him to the vet for booster shots and he now weights 13 lbs and will grow to 90+ lbs per the vet < faint >.

    Aren't you glad you don't have a cat? I'm glad we don't have a dog. ... heh

  10. I like her more than the two cats we do own. She is friendlier and fluffier and cuddlier. But she really isn't ours ... she's a free agent, with multiple families in the area. Though she's a lot healthier since we started feeding and grooming her last year.

    Sarah, I think you forgot to include a link so we could check out the Facebook app in question. Thanks for reading, and for your enthusiasm.


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