Mali's Love Book

Mali made me a Love Book for Mothers Day, reflecting her observations from living in a community in which love is not restricted by gender. *Sniff*

She has since been making more books for me, with the expectation that I will shriek with delight and then make a video which will be posted on the Internet. Someone needs SpongeBob SquarePants Split Pants episode refresher, methinks

As long as we're plucking those heart strings, check out this video by Jack Black, rockin' out about autism and sensory issues: How did I miss this? Who knows! Enjoy:


  1. I love that SpongeBob episode. And Jack Black. And Mali. Let the love flow.

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I saw that Jack Black one as well. It's fantastic! :)

  3. You are raising some awesome children. Seriously awesome. :-)


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