SF: iPads & Fog

Leelo & his iPad were featured in another article, this one by SF Gate's Laura Shumaker. Thanks Laura! I'm glad she noted my advice for folks thinking about getting an iPad: if you can, cruise an Apple store during a slow period and check out the display iPads, first.

And here's a reminder that Leo is interested in more than his iPad. He drew this person last week on his magnadoodle. He was very careful to add all eight fingers on that left hand -- he even counted them out as he drew them.

Things have been a bit stressful here lately. When you find yourself in a similar state, I encourage you to watch this meditative video from Seymour & crew, on The Science of Fog. Really, anyone who's ever wondered what the hell is up with San Francisco's cold foggy summers needs to see it.


  1. I love this new technology! :)

  2. I love that Leo's iPad's experience is generalizing to other things. Wow!

    I also love, love, love that video! Please pass along my compliments to your talented husband. I noticed that "Jenny Oh" is in the credits. I went to college with someone with that name. I wonder if she is same one that went to Northwestern with me...


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