Thoughful Analysis of the No Link Between Autism & Vaccines Pediatrics Study

Emily Willingham, a scientist and autism parent (and, OK, the science editor for The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism) has analyzed the recent Pediatrics study that found no evidence of a link between autism & thimerosal/vaccine exposure:
It's worth your time - Emily breaks down not just why the study is comprehensive and inclusive in both approach and findings, but preempts potential criticism about conflicts of interest or conspiracy. She also highlights something I'd not read before: researchers have noted a *negative* association between thimerosal exposure and autism.

Thanks Emily!


  1. Thanks for linking to my post, Shan. It's funny because I've had that "positive effect of thimerosal" in my head for awhile (I think there might be at least one other study in addition to this and the one I cite that found that)...and the thing is, if we were practicing science appropriately, we'd be pursuing that intriguing finding, with the hypothesis, "Thimerosal reduces autism risk."

  2. Thanks, will be good to read an analysis of this from a person who is also a parent :)


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