Cool iPad News & a La Jolla Writers Retreat

First, cool iPad news:

I am spending a iPad-free (mostly) weekend in La Jolla, at a writing retreat with three women most splendid. We have had breakthroughs, workshopping, wine, and walks.

Colorful Quartet at Windansea Beach

We also got lost in watching seals nurse their newborn babies in the rookery at La Jolla Cove. Some of the wee pups still had their umbilicus attached. There was serious mama seal irritation with other seals, witness the seal fight we, um, witnessed:

Leo spend the weekend at camp, Iz spent part of her weekend at the SF Chronicle Spelling Bee semi-finals, Mali spent her weekend hanging with her daddy drawing pictures of Angler fish. Fun weekend for all. And I am apparently all out of words. Hope your weekend was loverly.

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  1. Our weekend was spent half in the hosp for another rage attack/meltdown and the other half was trialling new meds (which might be working but shhh, don't spread it around, ok?).
    So.... you had a fabulous time, ya wanna swap weekends next wek? *snort*


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