Frozen Yogurt: Not Something We Take for Granted

It's interesting, talking to people who aren't familiar with kids like Leelo and Jake about our boys' day-to-day lives.

These talks make me aware of how fortunate we are, to have boys who think it's great to go on spontaneous frozen yogurt outings with all of their siblings and a couple of spare cousins. To know that our boys can usually if not always deal with a few dollops of chaos if we guarantee a payout at the end. To see boys who, after years of hard work, maturation, and the proper pharmaceutical support get to be part of the joyful family-and-friends flow I always imagined parenting would contain.

It isn't always easy for our boys to go excursioning, but it used to be impossible. I took this picture because I want to remember moments like these, cherish them, and never take them for granted.


  1. lord, but they're growing up! can that really be the curly-headed boy on the coffee cup on my desk? that handsome young man? how does this happen??:)

  2. *mwah*

    promise my boy some frozen goodness... we can make it through almost anything!


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