Dr. Seuss's ABC - This Is How All Apps Should Be

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Though we're celebrating in a rather Pippi Longstocking birthday fashion, because the gift is really from everyone's favorite quirky former La Jolla resident author to my Leo: Dr. Seuss's ABC app is the very best app I've yet found for reinforcing Leo's sight reading skills. If you think I'm exaggerating, watch this video as Leo reads the interactive book to himself by tapping on each word (or picture representing a word) in sequence:

Dr. Seuss's ABC is one of Leo's three perennial favorite Dr. Seuss books. You can imagine his delight in discovering this app on his iPad, and I can verify that he has played with it almost non-stop ever since.

I'd like to thank Dr. Seuss of course, for inspiring Leo to love his ABCs, but in this case the props  need to go to Oceanhouse Media, for creating a truly interactive book that encourages my son to learn by helping to burn those sight words into his brain via multiple visual contexts.

Now, if only Oceanhouse Media would make an app for Mr. Brown Can Moo, Leo would be the happiest iPad- and Dr. Seuss-loving boy who ever giggled his way through a book!

Many of the Dr. Seuss apps (complete listing on Oceanhouse Media's site) are on sale this week in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, so have a field day. Get your Dr. Seuss lovers what they need, and feel no guilt about supporting their education. Blame me if you get in trouble, I'm used to it.

How are you celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday? (Um, I'll be glued to the screen watching the iPad2 event liveblogging from engadget at 10 AM PST.)

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