Apps Leo Loves: TallyTots and Little Bella

We are always looking for new apps for Leo -- and while new apps are not hard to find, great apps are scarce.

TallyTots ($1.99) is a great counting app, and I recommend it highly. Not only is it beautifully and intuitively designed -- Leo picked it up and dove right in, I have not had to show him how to use a single module -- but it reinforces counting from 1- 20 with a variety of fun activities that themselves draw from different skills sets -- having to press down long enough on One Light Bulb so it will light up, for example. Check out Leo grooving on TallyTots:

The funny thing about Little Bella: I Close My Eyes (.99) is that I wrote about how much Mali loves this app just two weeks ago. Then I noticed that Leelo would sidle up to his little whenever she played with Little Bella. And then Leo started choosing it and playing with Little Bella on his own.

Little Bella (recommended by SLP Danielle Samson) is an animated book -- halfway between a video and a truly interactive book like those in the Dr. Seuss suite Leo loves so much. The app is silly, imaginative, and crisply animated, and Leo finds Little Bella's dream time adventures quite entertaining.

If your child is still working on fine motor skills, all Little Bella requires is a tap here and there -- so it's a good way to introduce iPad interactivity without too much pressure -- as you can see in the video:

We ordered Leo's iPad2 yesterday, which was a thrill. Then we found out that iPad2 ship times have increased to 4 - 5 weeks, which dulled the thrill somewhat. But it's not as though we don't already have an iPad. And this will give me time to research iPad2 cases, as we don't think a SmartCover will work for Leo -- he needs his iPad2 padded aaaallll over. Any cover ideas, besides the standard Otterbox?

Meanwhile, I am completely addicted to Ragdoll Blaster2, which horrifies me. I do NOT get sucked into video games! I have to intentionally misplace the iPad, knowing that my Swiss cheese memory will further protect me from gaming time sinks I cannot afford. You have been warned: Ragdoll Blaster is EVIL. EVIL. EVIL. (And so wonderful.) Conflicted thanks to Susan Etlinger for the recommend.

*This apps was gifted to Leo by its developer, however I only review apps that are Leo-tested, and frequently used.

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  1. I'm looking at this case for Jake - the company said they will have them out in May for the iPad 2:


    Love the idea of the shoulder strap, the car headrest mount, and even the slim wall mount.

    Also Speck Products is supposedly going to make the Candyshell Wrap for iPad 2. It's like their candyshell case PLUS a smart cover type front cover (not sure if it will work with the magnets or not, but clearly this is where Apple got the idea for the SmartCover!).


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