The Bunny Hop 2011

Local org AbilityPath held a special Caring Easter Bunny event just for Leo & his friends this morning, with Bunny social stories, practically-no-wait photo ops, and (most importantly for our guy), complimentary mini-croissants. We got to spend time with several of our friends, and we all appreciated the low-stress community socializing. So, thank you, AbilityPath. It was a very sweet morning, which I especially appreciated since Leo's spring break plain wore me out, and the girls' spring break is just starting.

I love the photo the kids took during the event. It may not be magazine cover quality, but I think it represents our kids so well -- Mali hamming it up, Iz making sure everything's OK, and Leo thoroughly enjoying the moment. This is who they are.


  1. I love real, honest-to-goodness photos. Very cute!!

  2. Laurel8:12 PM

    So glad I got to meet the rest of your family. The girls were so much fun to talk to, and I really appreciated how unphased they were by my daughter who wanted to muscle into your family photo! Ha ha. What a fun event.

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Sounds like a delightful outing!

  4. That Easter Bunny looks mighty patient.

  5. Dee-Ann, agreed.

    Laurel, we loved hanging out with you and your sweet girl too. Have some really cute pix of her on the iPad! My eldest really enjoyed talking iPads with you.

    Nancy, it was. Very well arranged for families to spend us much or as little time as was reasonable.

    Kristina, oh yes. In fact I really should have asked the Bunny for contact info.


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