Targeted Parenting

Have you ever been trapped in the bathroom stall at Target for fifteen-plus minutes with a sudden attack of, shall we say, illness? That itself is mortifying enough -- but imagine that your two young daughters, who are in the bathroom antechamber with strict orders to "share that iPad nicely, do not bicker even once or else, and for God's sake do not sit on the floor" spend the entire time not merely bickering but shrieking and slapping and crying -- and there's not a damn thing you can do since you can't move.

It's a lovely experience, and I'm sure the ladies who flitted in and out of the stalls around us were grateful for the tandem performances. It's also my new go-to anecdote for illustrating that when I fish for parenting sympathy, it's generally not because of Leo.

And an eerie coda: When you walk out of our Target bathroom, you are immediately surrounded by Gatorade, water, and a row of snack foods. I think they've micro-planned their store layout a little too well.


  1. I've had those experiences. Never pleasant. Hope you are much improved now.

  2. Oh, that sucks. The Target in our town has disgusting bathrooms. To be stuck in one would be a nightmare! ...Hope you feel much better :)

  3. Thanks Kim. I think our bodies like to remind us exactly who's boss, from time to time.

    DeeAnn, our Target's bathroom is recently remodeled and not too horrifying. Once we left, anyhow!

  4. Ah, the Target bathroom. I can count on one hand (thankfully) the times I had my own meltdown in ours. Both mentally and physically. ::wink:: Glad you survived!

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Oh, that sooo reminds me of a Disneyland experience--DD at 4 used the automatic flushing toilets (I didn't know they were automatic) and she shot out of that stall like a bat out of h*ll. This was EARLY in the day. She refused to use the restrooms for the rest of the day.

    However, I HAD to take her in with me, and keep her corralled while I did what needed to be done. I managed to get her to pee in a cup once, but I had to flush the toilet with my foot so she could be outside the stall and still holding my hand.

    Her terror of toilets lasted a year!!

  6. Melissa2:09 AM

    Hope you feel better.
    And yes, I have had that happen with Zach & Chris with me. And I cannot bring them in with me.
    I leave Chris in charge of Zach.
    And I pray.


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