Carnivorous Interlude

Sometimes, when life overwhelms, I check out, chill out, and stare at our carnivorous plants.

(I recommend clicking on each photo and then zooming in, if you can.)

Sundew! We have at least four different kinds.
The plants are all tiny, as plants adapted to atypical nutrition sources often are.
(Those white strings? Cat hairs.)

Those black blobs? Ants. Dead ants. Just like the Pink Panther song.
Some of the sundews unfurl like Predator aliens' mandibles.
And of course we have pitcher plants.
The pitchers make flies' death-throes buzzing really resonate.
And of course Venus fly traps! We probably tease them too much,
tickling their insides with more of those cat hairs to make them close.
It's been a good week, just a busy one. Seymour launched his new Quest site, it's awesome, that marks the end of several really long weeks for him; I was interviewed by The Merc about autism, apps, & iPads (more on that later); and I also interviewed the superlative-worthy Babymouse and multiple-Newbery Honor winner Jenni Holm for BlogHer. And the girls went to their first ever camp together, complete with sleepover last night, and Leo's feeling more like himself. But life is always busy. So until I can kick myself in the pants enough to follow Laura Shumaker's excellent advice on managing parental (especially autism parental) stress as posted today on the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, I'll be hanging out with the carnivorous plants. A lot.

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