Songify: The Best App for Torturing Siblings

Mali is an imp. There is no pussy-footing around the label. Today's example:

Our entire family minus already school-bound Leo drove down the hill this morning, to get the girls to their camp bus and Seymour to the CalTrain. On the way, Iz demanded the iPad Mali was playing with. Mali was cooly disobliging in her uniquely needly way, which resulted in shrieks from her easily triggered older sister.

Seymour and I tried to talk Iz down, but she became locked in a cycle. And then, the worst: Without saying a word, and while her parents were engaged with her sister, Mali unleashed a Songify (spoken words to dance tune) track she'd been recording on the iPad: of Iz's shrieking.

Iz went thermonuclear.

Seymour and I should have told Mali that what she did was wrong and unfair, but we were paralyzed with suppressed laughter while tears ran down both our cheeks, and had to wait until the car's interior mushroom cloud dissipated before we were able to tell our youngest that while what she did was indeed funny, it was also  mean. Even Iz came around eventually, grudgingly, plottingly. I doubt her revenge will be as subtle as her sister's infraction.

That Mali. OMG.


  1. That is so awesome I can't stand it. I wish she could be friends with my kid.

  2. I LOVE IT.. Poor Iz. Did you record a copy so you can use it as a ringtone for her calls when she finally gets a phone?
    Now THAT would be mean!

  3. That's the BEST THING EVER

    Wait till they start doing it to you!!!

  4. I **actually** LOL'd! No, correction. I snorted. Thank GAWD they didn't have something like that when my sisters and I were kids. Holy Hats. (And, what a little miss smarty pants she is!)

  5. OK, Mali wins. That is awesome. And sometimes holding a mirror up to someone else's screechy behavior might be the best course of action? Poor Iz, though -- it's tough being the oldest.

  6. Little sisters are seriously manipulative, out of necessity, I figure.

  7. I really feel for Iz. She doesn't have the little sister resiliency and deviousness. But this was seriously awesome, and, for the record Badger, she *has* already done it to us, because we are on that track too, trying to calm Iz down!

    Leo inadvertently deleted the track, so the evidence is now gone -- thanks to Iz's relief.


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