Post-BlogHer 2011 Beach Tour Begins

Decompressing from BlogHer11 at my mom's cold, overcast, but still excellent beach.

Leo never got tired of wave-frolicking, nor of asking to "go surf." (the water was frigid and the waves were breaking fast and hard; I stuck to the upper splash zone while shouting encouragement to our brave, lower splash zone boy).

I remain very tired from BlogHer and suspect I'm not the only one; full dispatch by the weekend. Until then you can check out the LiveBlog from our BlogHer Special Needs mini-conference, but be warned: our co-presenter Robert Rummel-Hudson declared that the transcript makes him sound like he has a head injury, and most passages are similarly garbled. But hey, good keywords! And the audio version should be up soon.

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  1. Enjoy your decompressing time! It was so nice meeting you at BlogHer '11!


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