Thinking Person's Guide to Autism: A Real Book

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism is a real book. A real real book.

One you can order right now, and tell all your friends to order right now.

One that can hopefully make a positive difference for people with autism of any age, and their families.

(One that I wish hadn't nearly killed Jen Myers during its production process -- she deserves to be waited on by angels and noble djinni for a few weeks, trust me).

One that I really, really wish I'd had when Leo was first diagnosed with autism, so I could leapfrog all the tangents and charlatans and bad advice and bad teachers and could start out at the beginning of this autism parenting learning curve strong, aware, and hopeful, instead of afraid, confused, and depressed.

One  that -- in a move so surreal and wonderful as to near the unimaginable -- cool-as-hell investigative reporter Steve Silberman named his Book of the Year.  Book of the Year.

If you had told me Mr. Silberman might write such things years ago when I was reading his seminal, exactly-ten-years-old Wired article The Geek Syndrome, or even eighteen months ago when I discovered he was talking about revisiting and revising that article into a book, I would have scoffed. With annoyance and sincerity.

But then, that was before I had the honor of working with four fantastic TPGA co-editors and fifty-three marvelous TPGA book contributors. I do overuse the term alchemy, but alchemy is what -- and why this -- happened. And we all have our own reasons for contributing to this project. Mine is right here:

Leo having the best time ever at Hayes Valley Playground yesterday
It's rare to find folks from outside the autism communities who not only want to understand why a book like TPGA matters, but who are willing to use a sizable media megaphone to broadcast its message. Thank you, Steve, for caring so damn much and for doing the right thing.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Takes a lot of work and cooperation to put together a project like that, and this particular book is so badly needed. May it garner all the influence and readership it deserves!

  2. Your book is my Christmas gift this year. I can't wait to dive in.

    I want to say a sincere thank you for your website and for the work you do on behalf of the Autism community.

    Yours is one of the few Autism parenting blogs that leaves me with a feeling of hope for my son, instead of the "poor us" commiserating that is all too often encountered.

  3. Speaking of real real book, any news or word on a possible Kindle edition? :)

  4. Kindle coming any minute now! Jen is on it.

  5. It's a wonderful book! Thank you, Shannon.

  6. Congrats! I've read many of the essays on this site and have always been blown away!

  7. Told a number of friends who have a child in the Autismn spectrum on FB and they are buying it, either the book itself or the Kindle version when it comes available. Good job all of you, am sure it's just what Doctor Mom ordered!


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