A Very Device-ive Holiday

Can you identify each of the four different devices our kids are using?

Holidays are blowing the top of my head off. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially as the kids are having a great time and Leo specifically is in a good space. But oh the backlog -- posts on apps, cases, and yes devices in the works. If I can ever find two moments to rub together!

Hope your wintry holidays are very fantastic.


  1. I have a similar christmas picture. . . of my oldest daughter playing with her itouch while her cousins sat next to her playing on either their new macbook air or iphones. . . playing "together".

    Soooo much blog backlog.

  2. I think I recognize that couch.

  3. Love the coordinated outfits! We're all appled up here too.

  4. My daughter just got her first IPad for Christmas and it's completely taken over. All the other Christmas presents might as well have been pine needles under the tree. As immersed in technology as they become, I'm enjoying seeing her learn more.
    Great picture!


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