New Year's Day 2013 & Full-Family Foraging

Today was a particularly bright, gorgeous New Year's Day, so we spent it in San Francisco's McLaren park. Seymour & his team filmed a 2011 Fungus Fair documentary there, so he wanted to revisit  mycologically active sites. We found several different favorite species, and enjoyed tromping around -- it's a great park for casual hiking. (If you visit the park, know that it's a haven for happy dogs and their humans, and not all will be on leash.)

Happy 2013, all y'all.

Our new family portrait?

Panther Amanita just past the egg stage, or so we think.

Running down the hill to let us know she'd found candy caps behind Jerry Garcia Auditorium.

Getting those candy caps!

Siblings. I love seeing them be nice to each other.

The view to Oakland from the top of the park. *waves at friends*

Yellow staining milk caps are pretty.

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