We Don't Stay Home: Playgrounding

Here is what we're doing right now: Lots of playgrounds. Too bad there aren't any good ones in our area [snort, see below, I've been advised not to reveal too much about names or locations as we like our playgrounds not-too-full].

Leo is still finding his feet, temperamentally, after the hospital or maybe after the winter break. One more week of being back-to-routine (yay routine!) and we'll see how he's doing. But no more seizures as of this writing, so that's good.

Mostly-photo posts are about our speed just now.


  1. Hey! is that st. mary's? that's my stomping grounds! and accessible for my chair. :D

  2. Heh. No -- that was the day we *didn't* connect and were on the other side of your fair city. If we were in your 'hood we'd be beating on your door. Sounds like we need to check out St. Mary's.

  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    We have a merry go round just like that one at a park not too far from us. When the weather is warm we go to that park most often (also bc in the summer they have the best splash pads). The weather has been unusually EXTRA FREEZING in my neck of the woods so we havent been to the park in abt 2wks. But we try to get to playgrounds/parks as often as possible. I believe, since my (asd) son was probably 2yrs old (he's 7 now) that going to the park always was and still is one of his best therapies!! He is a playground equipment climbing jumping swinging flipping hanging upside down master! Ha! U should see the other parents faces when he climbs all the way up to the top of that merry go round, makes himself comfy & hangs on like he was a monkey in a previous life as the kids down below spin it as fast as possible!! Lol And Im sitting there all proud & cheering him on! Hahaha

  4. We do a lot of playgrounding too. But none of the playgrounds I've seen here (and I've seen plenty) look like that!

  5. Jenny Saul-Avila7:43 PM

    Can't wait until the spring & we can hit playgrounds again. We only have one really good one anymore - the others always seem to have too much litter about - they'd be great, if not for that. Your playground looks awesome - that slide!!
    I really wish someone would have a big chain of indoor playgrounds w/ real playground equipment & really good soft flooring for safety - enough of them that they wouldn't be crowded like crazy - and not super expensive. Ah, to dream.
    (Oh, unrelated the thing where you have to type the letter/number combo to prove you're not a robot is really, really hard to read. It sometimes takes me a few tries to get it right - I swear, I'm not a robot though!)

  6. I remember my golden days.


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