In Which Mali Knows What a Pilum Is

Today Mali made a major word score on the SpellTower app with 'pilum,' which is a Roman javelin. "I know about this because I read so much mythology, Mommy." (So did I. Also a lot of Roman-centric Asterix the Gaul comics. But I still didn't know the word.)

While we were waiting for Leo's bus to arrive, we did an SAT vocabulary quiz on my new iPhone. She got 15 out of 20 correct on her own, through knowledge or deduction.

Also while waiting for Leo, we had the following exchange:
  • Mali: "I want something cold with lactose in it."
  • Me: "Lactose is the sugar in milk, is that what you meant?"
  • Mali, a tad impatiently, "Yes, I want something milky *and* sweet. Like ice cream. Please."
Did I mention that she's eight? And that ... she did not test into the local GATE program? Multiple intelligences, folks; multiple intelligences. One more reason I'm glad she's in a language immersion program instead of one of the more test-centric schools.

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  1. What a girl!! I'll bet she keeps you on your toes. She'd probably be a formidable foe on Words With Friends.


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