Babymouse: The App!!

App-loving Babymouse fans, your wait is over: Everyone's favorite slightly neurotic rodent is now available to play, via both iTunes and Google Play. Let iDevices and Android tablets alike rejoice. Even better, the app is free!

And really good, according to my own wee Babymouse fan. The app uses excerpts from the Babymouse graphic novels as the basis for some seriously  fun word matching, guessing, and spelling. Or, according to the app summary:
Playing the Android version on our Xoom
"Pop the Pic World Puzzle Game based on the popular Babymouse kids comic book series. Reveal the comic book pictures piece by piece and try to guess the word."
And did I mention the Free part? This is not an introductory dealie, the app will stay free. So if you know someone who has read all the Babymouse books and craves more, consider this an Expanded Universe option, and an opportunity to make that fan's day. But the app is a kick even for those who have somehow never crossed over into the wonderful world of Babymouse.

But don't take my word (heh) for it. Here what a dedicated fan (my daughter, who has played both the iPad and Android versions) has to say:

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