This Is Autism, on Leo's Terms

With somewhat reluctant sister in background
Today is the This Is Autism Flashblog event, a positivity reframing response to Autism Speak's Suzanne Wright's attempt to frame autism as a national catastrophe.

If you know or read me,  you know I have Big Thoughts on many aspects of autism & autism parenting.  But when it comes to defining autism? That's a highly individualized experience -- which is one reason so many people were outraged by Suzanne Wright's attempt to hijack it.

It's also not my experience. I do not have an autism diagnosis. My son does. So I'll let him show you it's like to be him, to be an intrinsically happy Autistic person. It's not always easy, especially the communication. But he's working on communicating, we're working on that with him, and for the most part he's got a whole lot of joy going on.

For my part, I'm in love with my son, and grateful to be his mother.


Video description: Seven mostly very peaceful minutes of Leo hiking in the woods and grasslands. He has occasional Autistic tics and stims. About five minutes in he uses scripted language "We're not going to go back to the car" to let me know that he's not happy about the trail going uphill. I reassure him that he's great, and he uses echolalia "you're great" to acknowledge what I said. At the end he needs me to give him my full attention, and I turn off the camera.

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  1. I love how he sings to help the climbing. Cool dude.


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