Chest in a Vice

Chest in a Vice

That is what my lungs feel like at all times for the past few weeks. I am not dealing well with living my life in sixty- to ninety-minute increments.
Moderately trivial events are stressing me into paralysis. And I am no use to my family or friends in this state; in fact I am being awful to people who are helping me out.

Today the girls and I head south for Ye Olde Reunion. My hair, it is hot. My dress, ditto; same for the shoes, purse, and baubles. But I will be missing my favorite accessory, which is Seymour. He and Leelo will be staying here in Deadwood, because no event is worth giving my son three weeks of post-travel-stress right before Poo(t) Camp. But I so very much wanted to show off my hot husband with the cool job, seeing as I myself will have very little to crow about. Sigh.

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