Notes on 6/29

Notes on 6/29

Leelo peed standing up today! First time ever! He also started tolerating goggles, which will be excellent as his eyes are chlorine-sensitive but he refuses to shut them when he swims.

Still haven't found the dishes. Or the pancake griddle.

Can't find the kids' books either. Thank goodness for the library.

Haven't watched TV for over three weeks.

Did I mention that we have almost no furniture? I welshed on leaving the bar stools at our old house; they're the only things we have to sit on in the entire house. Except the futon in the play room/den, and that's only a temporary fix until we get a real couch in there as the futon is white and completely kid-incompatible.

Haven't met any neighbors yet, except the lady who came over to ask us to move our car as it was "in her spot." On a street with plentiful parking, including two other spots in front of her house. Ya, whatever, OCD comes in many different guises and I am hoping that Her Special Parking is the one glitch in an otherwise delightful and neighborly personality.

I do have to say that I worry about our new neighbors constanly hearing "Leelo, hitting Mommy is all done" drifting out of the windows that will be left propped open all summer long.

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