My New Hero

My New Hero

Is the red-headed receptionist at Leelo's pediatrician's office.

Seymour and I dragged the entire family into the office before 8 AM, as both Leelo and I needed to do fasting labs, and I didn't think I could handle dual phlebotomy sessions on my own.

Leelo went in first, with Seymour. Twenty minutes later my boys were still in there, because Leelo fucking freaks out completely during blood draws. The lab tech had to enlist everyone she could to help out. Everyone in the building could hear poor Leelo howling.

Meanwhile I was sitting in the lobby with the girls, watching the chairs fill up with people who were also there early to get quick labs done. After only a few minutes, they started grumbling. Because although to me "walk in labs" means "appointment roulette with fairly decent odds," to everyone else it apparently meant "I am entitled to a wait of no more than ten minutes." One of them got up and starting railing at the receptionists about how he had been there for almost thirty minutes (he hadn't, he came after us) and how all he needed was a quick stick and go and how it shouldn't have to take that long and how there weren't that many people in the lobby and ...

The red-headed receptionist pinned him back in his chair with her steely gaze, and said, "Sir, there is a child in the lab right now who needs the attention of all of our lab workers. I would hope that you could show some compassion for a child."

The entire lobby was silent from that moment until Leelo came out a few minutes later, still sniffling, with angry red poke-patches all over the insides of his arms, and our entire family exited that particular stage.

I wonder if she babysits on weekends.

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