So Many Changes for Leelo

So Many Changes for Leelo

Leelo is at summer school right now. An entirely new school, with entirely new staff, and only one little boy whom he may remember from last year's ALSO summer program. It should be great for him; it is a behavioral class specifically for kids like Leelo, it tops out at four students, it's full, and it's overstaffed. The director, who spent over ten years at a local fully dedicated moderate-to-severe autism school, told me that "there is nothing Leelo can do that will surprise me." Still, I feel anxious about dropping him off, cold, into an entirely new situation with no familiar supports only two weeks after the end of school, less than two weeks after we moved into our new house, and two days after returning from vacation. I hope he is okay.

I am grateful that he got to spend the morning swimming with Babysitter A, and that Seymour fixed up the (big, very big) trampoline yesterday so that Leelo got to spend all the time he wanted on it before we left the house today. Also I took Leelo to Sewerage for his favorite "naan bread" lunch right before school started. He was in a very good mood when we walked into his classroom.

But, again, I am very anxious. Leelo is spending three hours in a totally novel environment, and will not see a single familiar face or item except the pair of chewed up straws he brought with him.

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