Leelo Yesterday and Today

Leelo Yesterday and Today

V. busy packing so here's some data straight from Leelo's daily home record/spreadsheet.


Got a real kick out of having people repeat his phrases: "Is that a line?" Also spent a long time doing reciprocal vocalizations, e.g., he would sing increasingly complex acapella scats, I would repeat them, and he would laugh like hell.

Slapped/hit me a lot when I didn't do what he asked, for instance not letting him ride on my back if he wouldn't sit in a safe position, when I wouldn't let him have a second croissant and instead tried to redirect him. Very sweet and snuggly otherwise, though.


Lots of good language "Oh, there it is!" "Get out of you chair, Mommy" "I want to go outside, Clyde" "I want to ride on your back, Dad" "Play the horn, Dad" "Play the whistle, Dad" "I want to go spin the globe."

Less hitting; a lot of interacting with visitors to our house; seems to be realizing that people will pretty much do whatever he wants if he asks them. [Cool!]

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